In the HBR Case Study Solutions, we were asked to write an analysis of a barilla spa (B). It was an interesting project to say the least.

I was really excited when the Barilla spa (B) Case Study Solution came back from the Editing Process; it was indeed a fun project to undertake. To my surprise, there were a lot of things I did not know about the barilla spa (B).

First thing is that gorilla’s formula for beauty is extremely popular all over the world. And its founder Dr. Barilla was a celebrity for his innovative ideas. A famous English actor said “Barilla has changed the face of beauty”. For a time, he was the most sought after skin care expert in the world.

Dr. Barilla had a wonderful idea of creating a natural cream that could improve the skin. In fact, he invented a technology that automatically adds essential nutrients and water to the skin. This patented system is still used today.

The vanilla products, like the barilla spa (B), can be very effective. But in order to have a nice face, you need to take good care of your skin, which needs very little maintenance.

Moreover, the barilla spa (B) is way too expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars a month just to maintain the spa.

And while practicing is the key to better health, vanilla products cannot offer any help with the added cost of a better lifestyle. So, what is the answer?

HBR Case StudySolutions gave me some great answers. They are: A good product line will do a lot. A new home to achieve a higher standard of living.

Another solution is finding a company that offers better features, no better price, and a healthier lifestyle all in one. It is amazing how there are so many benefits of one product line. Barilla makes a fine product, but what I found works well is when a company offers not only vanilla and spa products, but a full line of products.

A third solution is to have vanilla spa (B) at home. By having it at home, it does not matter the fact that your friends are not doctors, they can tell you if something is wrong. You can get quick solutions that would help with your health problem.

A last solution is to use a vanilla spa and vanilla products that do not use harsh chemicals that might harm the skin. These products are not tested on animals and they also offer the same treatment that barilla spa (B) does.

In conclusion, vanilla spa (B) seems to be too expensive for most people. The HBR Case Study Solutions suggested a new home solution that uses high quality spa products that do not have harsh chemicals that might cause skin damage.

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