Today, Axel Springer and the Quest for the Boundaries of Corporate Responsibility, which has been issued by HBR, is one of the most interesting books on management. This book has a lot of topics on the management philosophy.

HBR Case Solutions by Carol Gilligan and John T. Martin, also known as Case Study Solution, is the eBook that examines different case studies of corporate management from various companies of different types. It starts with the assessment of the case studies and then provides a brief overview on how each case handled.

The book mainly deals with how managers in a managerial role can handle their responsibilities. Although, HBR Case Solutions is mainly divided into chapters with thematic focus, the book provides a summary of management philosophy and in a very concise manner.

The book provides case study analysis for managers to know what they should do. The Case Study Analysis helps managers decide if the case study is worth going ahead with it.

The book makes managers understand the theory of leadership and management and also the interpersonal skills that they need to master. This enables them to maintain a good relationship with their team members.

The Case Study Solutions by Carol Gilligan and John T. Martin is more than just an interesting book. The authors also provide a list of case studies from where the authors learned the most valuable lessons.

The book also contains some other tips and hints to manage and even manage well. They are not like guru’s teachings and they are not meant to be life-long information but help managers in handling the above things efficiently.

The most useful part of the book is that it highlights how good teamwork is a basic requirement of any company. Teamwork is not only required from employees but also from leaders in a company.

The Case Study Solutions by Carol Gilligan and John T. Martin gives a clear and concise outline about how leaders and managers should manage in a healthy way. These are more than just words on paper, because management involves more than just being a leader and manager; it involves leadership and management.

The Case Study Analysis is not only the tip of the iceberg but is a blueprint to transform one’s career. It provides a combination of perspectives of management and leadership and therefore if one makes a good leader or a good manager, they too can get to the same level of understanding that the authors had in case study analysis.

There are different components of Case Study Solutions. The book covers the following: Job Analysis, CEO Analysis, Leadership and Management Practice, General Manager Behavior, Learning and Performance Evaluation, Business Strategy, Employee Characteristics, Managing Change, Managing Organizational Change, Corporate Governance and Change and Leadership Practices and Management Consulting.

Axel Springer and the Quest for the Boundaries of Corporate Responsibility by Carol Gilligan and John T. Martin are three perfect books on management. They help managers get to a higher level of knowledge about how to handle situations better and how to manage better, particularly how to manage effectively in times of crisis.

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