Employees at Ritz-Carlton, a premier resort hotel and condominium community, are becoming part of a strategic employee training & development program that enhance their overall customer service. “Employee of the Month” is the latest example of this innovative approach.

The employees who took part in this winning case study are passionate about being a part of this environment and working with their co-workers to maintain the highest level of customer service. They also feel like they have an opportunity to make a difference for everyone else. This is the true power of a case study.

The Case Study Solution in Question was designed by International Restaurant Executive Schools (IRES) – an industry leader in food education, hospitality training and industry-recognized leadership development. In addition to providing the critical training needed to develop the best restaurant team possible, the Case Study Solution allows each employee to share his or her personal story as an inspiration to all of the other employees, and to reflect upon the ways they can achieve their personal growth and development goals through training.

The Case Study Solution is designed for every type of employee at the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain. It helps employees grow professionally, personally. The program is not just a day or two-week course or event; it is a program designed to meet each individual’s goals and personal growth goals.

There are three aspects of the Case Study Solution that require careful consideration to implement successfully. These are the Individual, Team and Resource Elements. They are often referred to as the Case Study Impact.

The Individual element works like a framework for creating a greater sense of purpose and belonging among employees. By sharing your personal story, you share your positive traits and positive characteristics, and you inspire others to share their stories too. By doing so, each employee is then prompted to think about what he or she can do to enhance the success of his or her fellow team members. This opens a door for sharing stories, ideas and insights. They develop a strong sense of pride and purpose that is shared by all team members.

The Team element builds on the Individual element. It encourages collaboration between team members by combining the Individual and Team elements. It lets them know that they are one of a kind and that they have the chance to improve their own personal and professional skills through an organized, hands-on approach. By sharing their stories, they may gain insight and experience from the experiences of others in the group. They may also gain the strength to identify areas of weakness and promote themselves for future strengths.

The Resource Element helps create leadership development. It inspires participants to use their stories and information to create change in their everyday lives. By using their stories to challenge others and help build healthy and productive relationships, they become leaders in their own right.

The Case Study Solution serves as a catalyst to foster a more effective way of working together in the hotel. It fosters the spirit of camaraderie, collaboration and teamwork that is critical to making a hotel successful. The Case Study Solution adds real-world examples of successful solutions to the essential principles that have been communicated to the staff.

As a part of the Case Study Solution, each employee who is selected for the Case Study Team receives one case study, and is provided a copy of the HBR case. The employee has access to two case studies, with one copy distributed each week. to the entire case study team.

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