The topic of international hiring takes on an even more vital importance now, “Mabe: Learning to be a Multinational” by John Henry is gaining recognition in the marketplace. This HBR Case Study Solution by JHS Consulting is so much more than an “expert” in international hiring because it is also a lead mentor and trainer on leadership, mentoring, and other leadership styles.

The author is Dr. Susanne Hellenbrand, an internationally recognized international recruiter, consulting coach, and author of the book “Case Study Help: Leading, Mentoring, and Managing Your Career.” Dr. Hellenbrand tells the story of a multinational executive hired to be the new VP International of a big finance company.

After working with the executive for three months, a senior manager suggested that they could expand their international recruiting efforts together. The executive agreed but only if she could set up and manage a training seminar in another country. This executive brought her close friend, an experienced international recruiter, as a co-lead.

One of the biggest problems was that the employee’s international recruiter was in a different country and could not physically observe what was happening at the seminar. This leads into the next problem, which was where would the co-lead find time to attend the training and participate?

For JHS Consulting, the Problem in hiring internationally is not finding a lead mentor but finding a training program that can get the most from a small business management style. But how does one go about doing this?

The author of the book, Michael C. Hoogendoorn, offers his advice for finding a Global Leadership Course and a Lead Trainer who work well together, “JHS Consulting believes that having a multi-cultural lead (or partner) helps your organization to truly become an international one. By maintaining global initiatives and hiring cross-culturally you can gain the full benefit of getting the most out of the mission of leading globally while allowing you to have the face-to-face time with your international recruiting partners and experts that you need to support your long-term strategy.”

A Global Leadership Course will help you find your business and your vision of global opportunities. In order to make this happen, you must learn how to be a Multinational Lead Trainer to keep your lead and your recruiters current and encourage them to understand the global platform.

JHS Consulting offers several Case Study Solution training programs that come complete with several case studies designed to show you how to change your current way of doing things, and how to make your multinational employees feel they are valued and part of the global team. For this solution, the JHS Consulting training program “Case Study Solution – International Recruiting and Leadership” offers you the same great leadership training course, but in six simple modules:

Case Study Solution – International Recruiting and Leadership focuses on three of the top global issues that businesses face today: Organizational Culture, Human Resources, and Strategy. Case Study Solution helps your business become more international by making it the leader in international recruiting, and by teaching your employees about leadership.

For the global and multicultural mindset, “Case Study Solutions – International Recruiting” is the most comprehensive training in a single package. The “International Recruiting” module covers everything you need to know about what international recruiting means and how to implement the most effective approach, and the “Leadership” module offers a series of case studies to help you get more involved with the process.

These Case Study Solutions includes: Case Study Solution – Leadership, Case Study Solution – International Recruiting, CaseStudy Solution – Organizational Culture, Case Study Solution – Human Resources, Case Study Solution – Strategy. These programs offer everything you need to make your organization a truly global one, including: Case Study Solution – Training, Case Study Solution – Leadership and Coaching, Case Study Solution – International Recruiting, Case Study Solution – Strategy, Case Study Solution – Manager Training.

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