In this case study, HBR Case Solutions LLC (HBR) discusses how the company leveraged new technology and large data sets to create an enhanced customer experience. The result was a new technique for understanding customer behavior that improves Disney’s store marketing.

“The MagicBand software was absolutely necessary to our success,” says Greg Watt, the Senior Director of the Disneyland Resort Store and Restaurant Department. “We had no way of measuring what our guests were actually doing with it or what we could learn from it.” “If you look at Disneyland’s global store count, you can see that in many countries our guest numbers are significantly higher than our sales,” says Watt.

Case Study Solution Disney Stores In implementing the HBR Case Solution, the Disneyland Resort Store and Restaurant Department used a case study approach that involved two key pieces of information. Both pieces of information were calculated with the knowledge of what was already known about the attitudes and behaviors of Disney’s guests. These pieces of information could be tied into existing methods and strategies to determine a segment’s behavior, in the form of an index.

Using the Disney Store’s transaction index, the Disneyland Resort Store and Restaurant Department were able to build a more complete picture of their customers, without the use of external surveys. Using their index of consumer behavior, they were able to derive a series of insightful conclusions about the retail sector.

According to the index reveals, guests are keenly aware of the Disney Store’s reputation as a premium store. Their desire to purchase premium goods, coupled with a good relationship with their Disney Store representative, provided the foundation for other relevant research questions.

HBR CaseSolutions: Lessons Learned For Disney Stores In analyzing the Disney Store’s customer profile, HBR sought to find out if there were behavioral characteristics that were unique to Disney’s clients. Identifying these traits, which can be found in other retail sectors, provides the basis for improved customer service.

HBR Case Solutions: Top Customer Considerations for Disney Stores Because the case study’s findings indicated that, “our guests understand that they are helping us increase our share of premium goods,” we could extrapolate this lesson and develop a comprehensive process to market Disney-branded items to that clientele. The resulting findings helped us design a sales process that would draw attention to and ultimately convert those clients to paying customers.

To develop their own case study solution, HBR gathered financial data about the Disneyland Resort Store and Restaurant Department. Using the financial information as a starting point, the staff developed a detailed case study analysis that addressed six key areas of consumer behavior. The Case Study Solution, “Disneyland Resort Store and Restaurant Responses to Theme Park and Merchandise Suggestions,” utilized the skills of business analysts and technologists to explore the theme park segment and how to improve the overall customer experience through “marketing and merchandising strategies for premium offerings.”

HBR Case Solutions: Delivering Best Practices In using the Disney Resort Store and Restaurant department’s case study, HBR addressed six key areas of consumer behavior. Using these specific attributes as a basis for their case study solution, the Disney Store and Restaurant Department are able to enhance the retail experience.

HBR Case Solutions: Key Influences In the case study solutions, HBR explored the fact that loyalty offers provide a critical channel for increasing loyalty and improving customer service. In addition, the Case Study Solution, “Disney Parks Leverage Technology to Improve Guest Experience,” finds that, “Disney parks, resorts and hotel management utilize technology to monitor guest behavior.”

HBR Case Solutions: Business Processes For this case study, HBR wanted to understand the factors and steps used by Walt Disney to enhance guest experiences. With an objective of helping to establish best practices in retail to help other retail customers, this case study process used a case study methodology that used its learned lessons to create a more comprehensive framework for a presentation to Walt Disney on the use of technology and marketing to enhance customer service.

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