The Big Data Strategy of Procter & Gamble: Turning Big Data into Big Value is a case study help, which is an interactive online learning activity by HBR Case Solutions. The Case Study Solution offers solutions to the various challenges associated with big data technologies.

It is important to know that the Big Data strategy is an approach to gain maximum value from huge databases, and to use this data to create an interactive digital system of customer management. In this regard, Procter & Gamble are trying to convert customer relationship management data into a value-added decision center.

The HBR Case Solution website of Procter & Gamble offers a free software that enables the users to manipulate customer data to create complex queries. In the present scenario, this is going to be used to guide the users in the right direction.

The Procter & Proctor are trying to understand how customers are being persuaded in the present era. For this, they have created Case Study Solutions which is designed to provide an interactive online learning experience to the users in a manner that they are given a customized environment where they can explore their issues and problems in a very specialized manner.

The Case Study Solution is a collaboration between HBR Case Solutions and Procter & Gamble to enable customers to comprehend the challenges being faced by the company. By having access to customer relationship management data, the users can find out all about their clients and get to know their clients preferences, their communication patterns, past purchases, returns and the like.

The HBR Case Solution website of Procter & Gamble offers a content management system and data warehousing solutions to facilitate customers. In this regard, the HBR Case Solution has made sure that the resources used are commercially available and these resources will be readily available to the users.

When it comes to handling data, the case studies of Procter & Proctor show that customers turn to the company for any form of data manipulation. This is because of the fact that they do not possess the skills to handle the data of their customers properly.

The fact is that companies of all sizes are using customer relationship management data for almost every aspect of their businesses. So, it is important for companies to understand the challenges that customers face when handling this data.

The HBR Case Solution website of Procter & Gamble explains the uses of data management for a company and also shows the basic data management tools that are used by different companies for managing their data. There are some fundamental mistakes which can be made when using customer relationship management data, and these are discussed at length by the HBR Case Solutions.

These mistakes are either a result of the data storage or processing. For example, data mining involves the input of data in a form of structured data without proper management.

The HBR Case Solution website of Procter & Gamble has made sure that the users can select the type of data they want to input into the company’s data warehousing system, and they can then send this structured data directly to any other employee who is knowledgeable of the software. The data is readily available to all the people involved in the company. The interactive lessons in Procter & Proctor helps the users to learn what they need to know about the data management process and how to manage data effectively. and this is indeed a great idea for all the professionals who are keen to understand the ways of dealing with data.

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