Just by reading Mountainarious Sporting Co’s website, you’ll come to the conclusion that their target audience is diverse. However, they are not able to attract a wide audience of people because of its promotional campaigns that are focused on one specific area or topic. What Mountainarious Sporting Co’s marketing and advertising approach lack is a better, more appropriate way to reach out to potential customers.

Here’s a brief overview of their product line: their case study product, HBR Case Solutions. There are three versions of the HBR Case Solution, namely: HBR Case Analysis (unbiased review of a case study), HBR Case Solution (brief case study on a specific scenario or problem), and HBR Case Improvement (detailed case study with an emphasis on the way the case study solution can be used).

Mountainarious Sporting Co. has used its promotional campaigns in different ways to use the word “Case Study” (read “Case Study Helps”) to influence the subconscious mind on a business’ product and its niche. The initial and best way of reaching out to the potential customer base is through written communication. By writing a single piece of literature, Mountainarious Sporting Co can convey a large number of ideas.

For example, Mountainarious Sporting Co’s book, Case Study Solution is an excellent written piece of literature. The text itself is positive and supportive towards customers’ problems. In addition, it is logical and easy to understand. A case study is often perceived as difficult to understand.

On the other hand, HBR Case Analysis is a more detailed research paper on a specific problem. It is intended for a specific audience. They state that their case analysis is designed to reduce the complexities of a specific case study and give readers a clear and effective means of identifying possible solutions. They also refer to the various challenges posed by their case study and emphasize how the customers’ problem could have been solved.

The purpose of Case Study Improvement is to illustrate to readers how to solve a specific problem and possibly provide an effective strategy or solution. The entire text is based on the product line and goes over the key points of the product.

The primary difference between HBR Case Analysis and HBR Case Solution is in the presentation and manner of presentation. HBR Case Analysis is a written document whereas HBR Case Solution is a more detailed report or piece of literature. The first one is more generalized and covers general problems, while the second one focuses on a specific problem. In this respect, the first case study has better impact and can be found in many websites for HBR Case Solutions.

In order to keep its case study information from becoming too “complex”, Mountainarious Sporting Co designed HBR Case Solution with certain design features such as increasing complexity or decreasing specificity. Some examples of how they choose the design of their case study solution would be their use of illustrations and complex words, or emphasizing one or two aspects of a case study in its title.

The use of detailed, non-numerical language is another method Mountainarious Sporting Co. used to draw in their target audience. It is hard to convey information that is complex to read in simple and visual ways. Examples of their non-numerical content include using “if-then” statements.

Another very important and valuable aspect of Mountainarious Sporting Co’s marketing and advertising campaigns is how it uses free resources for its targeted audience. These free resources are often used to build strong and effective customer relationships. To maintain these relationships, Mountainarious Sporting Co. hires local and international volunteers to give presentations on the advantages of HBR Case Solutions or create internet articles on the same topic.

For example, the sales representatives are always on the look out for local business to refer potential customers to purchase HBR Case Solutions. They are also sure to create advertisements and print ads for this business in newspapers or magazines. Because of their focus on local, Mountainarious Sporting Co’s marketing and advertising strategies to attract a lot of potential customers.

However, the case study solution is not only for a limited demographic. It is really for everyone who wants to gain an insight on how they can solve their problems and find a solution.

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