Through this Case Study, I will provide the Amore Frozen Foods (A) story. This case study was used to present Case Study Analysis in HR (Human Resources) situations.

My Case Study Solution is not a Policy or Project Solution, but a way to reduce confusions and assure consistent implementation of HR policies. With this case study, I will share my own experiences in getting my HR Case Management and Review Process in place and improving its results with internal, external and customers.

The story starts with an Aperture’s (Amore Frozen Foods) goal to innovate, to learn and to be more. The mission statement “Keep the personal touch” describes how Aperture sets its employees and the organization apart from others. The different types of food on the menu reflect the company’s focus on quality, freshness and service. So does the company offer the highest quality product available?

My Case Study Solution is to make sure the company satisfies its customers. So that Amore frozen foods (A) can attract new customers and they can come in, stay for a long time and recommend the business to their friends and family.

In my Case Study Analysis, I have found that some areas have been addressed with integrity to avoid poor reviews. The example given was about the company offering a broad selection of products including non-dairy cheeses, pasta sauces, potato and white pizza sauces and other food items, not just macaroni and cheese.

My Case Study Solution is to determine what customers say about their experience of eating the macaroni and cheese product offered by Amore frozen foods (A). Do you know what’s listed as one of the five reasons for giving a negative review? Let’s discuss.

My Case Study Solution is to ask employees and customers what they said was unsatisfactory about their experience of eating the macaroni and cheese served by Amore frozen foods (A). What did they like about the product? They were not allowed to leave a comment and they could only give a 1-star rating.

In the Case Study Analysis, it was observed that customers do appreciate the consistency in the macaroni and cheese produced by Amore frozen foods (A). At least two customers were able to eat a slice every day. I think this demonstrates the need for consistency of the product.

While speaking with customers, the majority of customer’s comments were positive. However, the customers who received a negative rating on the review system complained about the lack of ingredients in the product. As the products became more exotic in the marketing materials, more customers started to notice that the product was lacking.

Therefore, in order to identify the customer’s comments on the macaroni and cheese, it is important to locate all customer comments and verify the comments. Additionally, it is important to note that the reviews were based on whether or not the customer liked the product. As the customer’s ratings also rated the macaroni and cheese, we were able to identify how customers rated the product.

The Case Study Solution in the current HR system is to get customer feedback based on the intent of the product. Therefore, the correct comment should be provided if it has something to do with the product, other than the product.

The comments about the macaroni and cheese left at the time of this writing are about what the employee thinks the product should taste like. and not what the customer wants.

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