Finning International Incorporated (FNI) is one of the largest and most established industrial customers of HBR Case Solutions. What we did find was that FNI needs more Case Study Software for its business.

When discussing case study solutions, one’s first thought might be the type of business you are with. From the outset, however, a little clarification should be provided as to what it really means when saying Case Study Software. Since the term is a very broad one, it would be easy to assume that it can mean any type of software.

A case study solution, according to Wikipedia, is “a set of instructions on how to do a task.” And, it goes without saying that case studies are the best way to train employees in most industries. However, this sort of training can be expensive, and the problem is that many employees do not always understand the instructions.

Finning International Inc., in this case, had been struggling with how to train employees in its management systems. Employees did not seem to know the required steps to be performed and were resistant to being forced to follow them. This is what lead to our Case Study Solution for them.

As we all know, case studies are used in all types of industries including factories, shops, distribution centers, and more. We concluded that FNI would be the ideal customer for case study software that was user-friendly so that the company’s management systems could be used in trainings.

Our Case Study Solution for Finning International Inc. addressed this issue head on by producing a tool called the Case Study Interpreter. The Case Study Interpreter allows the company’s personnel to insert and extract the required steps from the case study documents easily. The software also helps trainees to read the case study documents in their native language and correctly interpret what they are reading.

One issue with case study solutions is that they tend to lack clarity. In most cases, managers tend to go into a daydream about a step of the case study, and then forget the step. In most cases, they also get carried away and believe they are able to carry out all of the tasks required of them.

The Case Study Interpreter software helps the management to learn when they are dreaming and remembering all of the steps required to complete the case study. With the help of this software, the case study training is enhanced. To our knowledge, we are the only Case Study Solutions software available that offers this feature.

Other Case Study Solutions is also aimed at helping people complete case studies more quickly. But these solutions lack the clarity which the Case Study Interpreter software gives. Case Study Solutions also tends to use a “core group” of trainees who are more likely to read and understand what they are reading.

Other solutions which are better suited for organizations that do not necessarily have a massive workforce are Case Study Tools. These include the Case Study Analyzer and Case Study Evaluation Tool. These tools are generally more user-friendly and will allow the trainees to perform more tasks and perform them more quickly.

The third method of providing training for management systems is with online courses. The best thing about these courses is that they allow the trainees to participate in live web seminars or webinars anytime they want. They can also practice whatever they are learning to use an interactive virtual environment that simulates the company’s management systems. Therefore, case study solutions will be a critical part of FNI’s training program. Our case study solutions also helped manage the logistics of putting these solutions in place.

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