Today we will talk about the video and audio and how they are the key to success in the online market. So I think that this is going to be a little bit of a case study. You can really use videos as another case study, so when you are looking at an interview with somebody, another great example is with Case Study Solution.

You can’t believe how Montclair Video sells itself so effectively because they have really been very successful in order to sell themselves. And they are really a powerhouse, they really bring in a lot of content, they really bring in different scenarios.

So if you are searching for other information then I would say that Montclair is really the place to go. So now what are you doing here in the very first place? You’re listening to me right now, and you’re reading this interview.

First of all, you’re listening to me because I’m telling you about my video, so you can go to my website, which is actually in the yellow pages. You can download the recording and you can download it, and you can get it and you can see the complete video. And that’s what you want to do, is you want to start with that recording because it’s free.

Then if you find it, and it’s really not hard to find because there are many people who love Montclair, and there are a lot of people who are really into Montclair. So that’s a good thing, so you want to listen to the actual audio. And the actual video can also be downloaded right away.

And the Case Study Solution was created by Rob Kaplan and Terry Gardner, who you may know from YouTube. You know Rob has been a writer and I believe he wrote a lot of books on psychology and personal development. Terry Gardner is someone who is also a writer and he’s also very popular on YouTube.

And so this case study was actually recorded and then Rob and Terry were able to change some of the facts to make it work in this case study and that was interesting and you should look at that video, and it’s interesting and it actually got him the AdSense. The AdSense award for the best case study.

Which is very nice, and you know he actually could do this in just one video, but what he did was he did it with one video, and he made it so much more interesting, because it was all audio and video, and what happens with the reader, the person who wants to know more is much more interested and they’re far more motivated.

In other words the more the text is, the more the visual is, the more likely they are to respond. So he was able to capture it, he was able to do the case study, and then he applied some of the techniques of the Montclair Video Solution and it’s really a powerful combination, if you look at it.

The two of them could have each done their own presentation, and there was no problem with it because the thing is they have exactly the same purpose. What they were trying to do was to help you and so, you know you can take a video, and you can easily download it and you can have a look at it and you can watch it, and you can even download it. There’s no problem there, but what you want to do is not only is to go to the website, you want to download the recording and see the whole thing.

So if you want to read some case study solutions, for instance Case Study Solution. If you want to buy this case study solution there’s also a link at the bottom.

So I think that both of these case study solutions that I was talking about earlier, and you can get a link to it there at the bottom of the page. Thanks for listening to me today.

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