“Case Study Solution: A Case Study of How HR Case Solutions Can Help an HR-Based Business” by Chris and Alison Weston (AHRQ) is the ultimate book on HR Case Studies. I recommend it to my students as well as prospective AHRQ employees and I found it to be informative, educational and interesting.

It was certainly a pleasure to read the book. Many other books on HR topics cover different perspectives of different companies, but not Case Study Solution. The Weston’s have an experience in HR consulting that is unique.

The authors seem to have a handle on AHRQ’s case studies. They are very descriptive and offer many recommendations for each case study.

The case studies are simple to follow. When using Case Study Solution, I find myself using the case studies from AHRQ with the “SWOT analysis.” The AHRQ case studies use a Venn diagram, so it was easy to see the relationships and connections between the different cases.

The book offers clear recommendations for the different types of Case Study Solutions that are available. Some of these solutions include: interviewing, interviewing and preparing HR case solutions, interviewing and preparing case study solutions and HR management consulting.

One great concept that I liked in the book is the Resource Management process in Case Study Solution. With this concept, every case you handle must go through the process of Handling Work, Organizing, Evaluating, or Managing.

The book also explains the entire process of utilizing Case Study Solutions in an AHRQ case study. You will learn how you can organize and manage case study solution as well as do all of the steps of theWork process.

In case study solutions, I like the methods of managing this book. Most of the case studies have the method of preparing a note sheet for each client.

You can choose to write notes in a language that is easy to understand. This makes this part of the resource management process easy.

Other things that I liked about the resource management process was that it had step-by-step instructions. It also helps to review this process for each case before you implement it.

The book is good, but with some thought I think I would rather choose another book on Case Study Solutions. If you are interested in consulting or in HR, then this book is definitely worth a look.

You can purchase the Case Study Solution at Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com. Buy it now!

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