In my recent case study with the Google Inc., they were concerned about how corporate entrepreneurship and innovation at Google Inc. was impacting their business. Most businesses have innovation teams, and most business enterprises are “fast-paced” in the early stages of developing a new product or service. What really made them uneasy is that these teams were getting in the way of their success by disrupting their core business.

Recently I presented HBR Case Solutions to CEO Eric Schmidt, and I outlined my concern about the effect of innovation at Google Inc. on their business and how corporate entrepreneurship and innovation are affecting it. As a professional business speaker and trainer, I know that you always want to engage your audience. If you cannot engage your audience, then you are not engaging them. That’s the main reason for the Inclusion process.

In this case study, I used my Inclusion Platform to encourage Eric Schmidt to enroll his team in an advanced version of Case Study Solution, which enables leaders to discuss and discover specific case studies that impact their company’s internal process. In an enhanced version of Case Study Solution, leaders can do more with case studies, and their ideas and leadership can be expressed as case studies.

In the case study solution Eric Schmidt came up with, they discovered that they can use Case Study Solutions to help change the way their people think about a specific topic and then develop strategies for transforming their perspective. The advanced version of Case Study Solution allows you to articulate your unique personal perspective and transform that into case studies so you can bring these personal insights and information into your company’s process and vision.

At the same time, Case Study Solutions allows you to share your own unique personal insight and experiences with your company’s leaders. If you do not have these benefits from your company, it is important that you consider a premium version of Case Study Solution so you can express your unique experiences with Case Study Solutions to others within your organization. As you learn, you will be able to share your unique insights and how you were able to adapt what you learned and then implement it in your business.

To illustrate, let’s take a look at Google Inc. (GOOG) as an example. For me, creating case studies has been very powerful and has allowed me to explore and share my personal journey with others in my organization. As the leader of their Innovation Center, I am able to set up these kinds of presentations and manage the context for my team to share their insights, thus building a foundation for change.

There are a number of ways that this kind of presentation helps our team members, leaders, and myself. First, it helps us to be in the room together, which allows us to be much more connected and then “see” each other’s perspectives, which in turn will help us come up with a collective perspective, and it forces us to work together.

Second, we are able to share stories about what we learned in case studies with each other in case study solutions, and then we get to apply that wisdom in our current projects, so we can identify areas where we need to change. Third, we get to share our perspectives, and then we are able to embed that wisdom in our decisions and actions, so we can leverage the wisdom of our collective understanding and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

Then as our leaders graduate from Case Study Solutions, they can take this learning to their own personal teams, and they can share their own personal experiences with others in their own organization, helping to identify the right steps to take in the future, and to apply that knowledge and wisdom into their own decision making. The last thing that we can learn from Case Study Solutions is to encourage and empower our teams, so they will want to take the same lessons and apply them into their own future work at Google Inc.Next time, we will explore how Case Study Solutions help leaders take their “intuition” and connect it to the “wisdom” from the wisdom that they find within their own minds. to strengthen their culture, to inspire their organizations, and to inspire their own individual passion and drive to bring about change in their own way.

Case Study Solutions can help leaders, small and large corporations, agencies, public and private sectors, improve the way they communicate, identify and develop value propositions, integrate solutions, and plan, and organize, manage and sustain. optimize, improve, and grow. engage and motivate and inspire.

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