We at HBR Case Solutions have a long-standing relationship with Ford, and even have the Ford Ka. HBR Case Solutions provides case studies that may help you make sense of your situation and then provide solutions.

For example, we recently published a case study on how a study on driving habits and car maintenance habits could provide you with a car maintenance case study solution. And, we featured a couple of different case study solutions based on social media.

Our Case Study Solution on social media is one that applies to all small car manufacturers, as most are in the social media game. This is not only a social media service, but it can also be turned into a marketing plan for your business.

One of the insights from this Ford case study solution is that you should seriously consider offering clients the ability to view your commercial about your brand in your local area. You may find this is one of the best aspects of social media marketing, and not something you can get enough of.

If you have a low regard for the commercial side of doing business, you may not appreciate the Case Study Solution we recently published on our website that explains how you can include relevant product information in an upcoming television advertisement. You may be surprised to learn just how much you can accomplish by having a television commercial with product information.

You may be in the midst of changing a brand or two, and thinking that you will need to change them yet again, after you have obtained a new line of small cars. Perhaps, the fact that you have accomplished this many times is enough to convince you that your current car business has been done enough, to move forward with a new one.

In other words, the fact that there is so much variety in the small car market may have convinced you that you need to learn more about car customization before you consider entering the market. And, you can learn how to customize a car by consulting an expert in the field.

A second Case Study Solution we have recently published is on what you can do to add a personal touch to your next automotive tour. Many people enjoy taking extended family along on vacation and getting them involved in the fun.

Our case study solution is that you can create a special tour package for them, including equipment and programming that they will enjoy, while still allowing the family to bring their own interest into the trip. While they are enjoying your amenities, you will be able to see what works for them and add a special touch.

The third Case Study Solution we published is on an education niche that allows you to advertise and promote other individuals’ products without making any direct sales. There are a number of different niches in education and training, and this case study can help you make sense of the growing opportunities.

By choosing the right niche for your education and training opportunities, you may find you have the leverage you need to actually get some products produced. In fact, our Case Study Solution can help you identify a good education niche and provide you with a niche that is ripe for sub-niche competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Do your own case study solutions, and put your knowledge and marketing expertise to work!

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