Marriott Corporation (A) has been the leading hotel chain in the US for many years. The founder, Richard Marriott was also the founder of IHOP restaurants. Marriott is one of the many hotels and Restaurant chains that had emerged in this industry and even though their names are synonymous with hotels and restaurants, they have also branched out to other areas.

MBA Case Study Solution, a division of HBR, has developed some exceptional solutions that have helped a lot of companies today. Among them are three excellent case studies about Marriott Corporation (A) and their employees. The case studies show how highly skilled and motivated employees can make or break a company.

“Fun As” is the third HBR Case Study Solutions case study to deal with the Marriott Corporation (A). This case study covers what makes the employees in this company so happy, confident and happy.

Here’s a peek into how this case study is conducted. The HBR Case Solutions staff writes a brief description about the business and its employees to compile all the details about the business. They also conduct interviews with the employees and with top managers to collect information about the business as a whole.

The management team at Marriott gives the employees a grading system based on a set of criteria. These include morale, job satisfaction, hard work, customer service, skills, innovation, satisfaction with the direction of the company, and overall happiness.

A consultant in the United Kingdom provides a survey that is conducted by HBR Case Solutions, which provides data about the employees. It includes questions about how satisfied are they with their jobs, how happy are they when they get paid, their performance appraisal, their attitude towards their work, and their emotional health.

The consultants from HBR MBA Case Solutions write an evaluation about the employees that the company will use to help to shape its management. It includes several aspects like the importance of the job, the amount of fun and enjoyment the employees derive from the job, their skill sets, the work atmosphere, the value they contribute to the company, and the company’s ability to turn these skills into profits.

Based on this case study, the consulting experts at HBR Solution Research Group, Ltd. then produce an MVP. They then go into a series of workshops to get the participants involved in their case study. They encourage them to work with the case study and then rank each aspect in terms of importance.

Satisfaction with the management, the work itself, and the fun aspect are the top three factors rated at the top of the list. After that, satisfaction with the skills, teamwork, teamwork and job satisfaction come in second and third, and after that, the company’s work environment comes in fourth.

Other top ranking factors include attitudes towards leadership, employee motivation, and stress management. The researchers then focus on the issues that need to be addressed and consider how things could be improved. It is here that the real work begins to improve the company’s operations and benefit the employees.

Now, we come to the last HBR Case Study Solution case study on the subject. “The Value of Fun” is an analysis of how employees are getting satisfaction from working for the company, the value they bring to the company, and the fun they get from their jobs. According to the HBR MBA Case Solutions team, the study is a good example of how a case study can be used to answer the “big questions” that remain after the initial data collection phase.

Some other examples of Case Study Solutions that HBR Case Solutions provides are case studies about Ryan International (RX), Marriott International, Jimmy John’s, AMC Theatres, Atlantic Charter, Marriott Cabs, Fleet Services International, and others. What they all have in common is that they all help the clients to know what they can do to improve their business operations and create more value from the employees. So, what do you think?

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