Estonia’s newly-created country E-Estonia: An Inspiration to the World has now released a case study solution. From now on, you too can have all the information in one place and be able to generate your own Case Study Strategy. These are some of the HBR Case Solutions I recommend:

A Case Study by Loretta Keberich, a 35 year-old corporate professional in Atlanta, GA: “I was working in Atlanta, GA and thought it would be great to get organized all the office paper and management documents. With my busy schedule, I needed to be able to review all my important tasks at my convenience. Since I wanted a system that was simple to use, a My Data Management system was the answer. E-Estonia was just the right product for me. It was simple to install, set up, and manage. It allowed me to have all the information at my fingertips.”

A Case Study Solution by Martine Lachaud, a 30 year-old with a Bachelor’s Degree in English: “I was a writer and journalist before I got married. Since my husband had recently passed away, I realized that I still needed to organize my paperwork and organize my files. I would often find it impossible to do it myself. A home file system offered me the means to take care of the daily duties and business transactions while saving time and money. It has been a fantastic way to remain organized and track all my files, even when I am not at home.”

A Case Study Solution by Natalie Culpepper, a 20 year-old college student: “I use my computer, my music player, my e-reader, and my bookmarks to keep track of my day. However, it was when I became aware of my financial situation that I realized I could simplify my life by making sure all my bills were accounted for. My e-Estonia has given me more time and money in terms of time and money. And the best part is, I will never forget where I came from and how I paid my bills because I saved a lot of money, which I didn’t have the courage to spend.”

A Case Study Solution by Shaye Vaupel, a twenty year-old who works as a freelancer in New York City: “I have always been motivated by what I see in the newspapers and magazines. For me, this motivated me to write about what I see. With E-Estonia, I am able to share my ideas with others and give them a better way of thinking. I get an inspiration from these concepts because they bring change into my everyday life.”

A Case Study Solution by Marlene McLeod, a 34 year-old woman living in New York City: “I spent the past two years looking for an organization that I could rely on with my ever changing career and the constant shifts in my personal life. I met up with E-Estonia because they were dedicated to helping people like me maintain the tools they need to be successful.”

A Case Study Solution by Mary Vaughn, a thirty-five year-old who works as a librarian: “I had been working as a librarian for over a decade. When I started working with E-Estonia, I knew that if I made a difference for other people, I could help change my life in the long run.”

A Case Study Solution by Mark Puzant, a fifty-five year-old with a Masters Degree in Business Administration: “I love the tools E-Estonia provides. I work in a highly competitive market and I would like to keep up with the pace of technology and its recent innovations.”

A Case Study Solution by Karen Nagle, a thirty-nine year-old executive assistant for a law firm in Madison, WI: “I enjoy everything E-Estonia gives me. The E-Estonia software makes it easier for me to keep track of all my business paperwork and save time for me so I can concentrate on making my clients happy and doing what I love.”

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