HP is a prestigious and admired company that has had a consistent presence in the markets for many years. Its presence has been strong as it has managed to fulfill the needs of customers and boost the market share. They have been able to accomplish this through their industry-leading products, efficient service and excellent execution.

However, HP has been in a tough position where its competitors are scrambling to find ways to get ahead of them. Most of these competitors have got into big business and marketing research firms with more resources, which do not allow them to lay off costs and improve on their techniques to beat HP. What can HP do?

HP is faced with a crossroad that is presented by the emergence of new methods of research and development (R&D) and marketing research and the ever-evolving effects these methods have on how customers make buying decisions. However, there are still areas in which the company is currently able to improve the efficiency of its R&D department and in this area is a case study solution that can be used.

Companies have started using case studies as an alternative to traditional case studies when they are trying to prove to the market that their products or services are important. This can be applied by companies like Hewlett Packard, who may have hit a dead end while trying to create a product for a particular industry sector and trying to convince customers that they have their product solutions.

Companies that use a traditional case study to prove their relevance in an industry sector tend to miss the point of how the case study can improve and how it can be transformed into an application. HP can benefit from this because of the critical impact it can have on improving the business processes of the company and proving that the company can offer a solution that would be beneficial to customers. The advantage of this case study is that it will enable HP to not only increase their products and services but also convince customers that HP is relevant in the industry.

A case study solution enables companies to organize and conduct research on an industry and to produce evidence that will prove that their products and services are relevant to a specific market. By adapting a case study this way HP can combine different information from various sources to prove that they have the capability to offer a solution that is relevant. In order to do this, the company will need to expand its market presence and convince customers of the benefits that a product or service offers to help solve their problems.

A case study solution has to be adaptable to the industry it is part of and a company that sells an agricultural product that has no relevance in the food industry will not be able to prove to the market that their product is useful to customers. It will need to adapt a case study solution that focuses on agriculture as it will be a focus of the industry that it belongs to. A company will need to show how a product or service that is produced by a particular company can be relevant to the needs of customers.

A case study solution will have to include the data gathered by the company and what they believe that is relevant and why they believe that is relevant. This will give clients a better understanding of the product and the importance of using the product or service provided by a company.

By examining the impact that both traditional and case studies can have on a company’s relationship with customers and with potential clients, the benefits of marketing research are seen. The customer relationship and their credibility is seen to be enhanced by conducting marketing research that includes case studies, surveys and expert opinion.

Case studies provide insight into the customer as well as how the customer feels about a product or service, the reactions to marketing research and whether the current marketing research is reaching the right people. This way marketing research can be used to identify the right people and build a relationship with them in order to maximize the value of a product or service.

A case study solution can be applied by companies like HP that are a part of the Fortune 500 group or other companies in order to improve the performance of their organization. it can show that they have new ways of doing things and come up with their own solution, which is relevant to the customer.

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