Does M-Pesa (M-Bizan), a mobile Money Transfer service, offer you the power to help your business take advantage of a business opportunity or new technology innovation? Or, is it too early for a business to consider leveraging an emerging business trend?

HBR Case Solutions provides the answer to these questions and more when we discuss “Case Study: Leveraging Service Innovation in Emerging Economies.” The answer is… Yes! Yes, it is early enough for you to start thinking about this innovative service.

This mobile money transfer service combines the ability to send money internationally at a fraction of the cost of traditional means (i.e., wires, checks, etc. ), while also providing the ability to collect money from those outside the country in exchange for goods or services.

This service was recently evaluated by three industry analysts, who concluded that the impact industry analysts have over the last two decades has been to increase the standard of living for millions of consumers. An improved quality of life, they concluded, is an indirect result of their innovation.

To date, there are five countries that have implemented this service, and approximately four million people have already used the service, said the analysts. The case study solution was developed to study the dynamics that make this service work and determine if M-Pesa could be used as a tool to leverage an emerging business opportunity.

For more than twenty years, the users of this service were a group of local African entrepreneurs from other parts of the world with strong ties to Kenya (the nation where the service began) and Ghana (two other nations that have provided financial services). They have long, healthy and flourishing businesses, one of which provided this opportunity. Their business model was used as a case study for the HBR Case Solutions case study.

We conducted a series of interviews and in-depth interviews of the M-Pesa operators. The users (including the small business owner) commented on how the service has changed their lives. As we researched, we found an ongoing impact on their lives, which we discussed during our presentation.

Users have found that the process of sending money has become convenient and cost effective. Rather than sending a wire to a bank or another institution, the users of this service to send money to the recipient (s) through text message. Most services give a receipt that makes the recipient aware of the transaction.

Now that financial transaction is made digitally, it is easier for everyone. There is no longer the fear of bringing cash to an ATM. Additionally, the key chain interface makes it easier for users to enter all the necessary information required for sending money.

For business owners looking to capitalize on this emerging service, “Case Study: Leveraging Service Innovation in Emerging Economies” can help you determine if this service is right for your business. It will also give you an opportunity to help customers who have been helped by this innovative service.

We hope that the case study solution we presented today will be able to help you figure out if this innovative service is appropriate for your company. When it comes to business opportunities, you cannot afford to skip this step. It is too important to your company’s success.

In closing, the Case Study Solution we presented to you today provides the users of this service with insight into the impact that this service has had on the lives of the users. The report shows us the benefits that businesses can gain by utilizing this service, while we also discuss how this service has benefitted users in helping businesses make the most of their service investments. M-Pesa gives you the power to use an emerging business opportunity to grow your business.

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