There is only one way to answer the question: “What next?” There is no other course of action. It is either you believe in yourself and what you do, or you won’t do it at all.

When I was getting ready to become Nespresso’s chief Executive Officer (CEO), I had a hard time making a decision. Was I going to be like all those CEOs who are popularly known as “The White Hats?” No, not at all.

I didn’t want to be like all those white hats, especially not at Nespresso. When I decided to take my promotion seriously, I began to think about the role that leadership plays in business. When I decided to take my managerial duties seriously, I felt like I was becoming a leader. And, when I became a leader, I made sure that I applied the leadership principals I learned from a Case Study Solution on HBR Case Solutions website.

I researched a Case Study Solution on HBR Case Solutions website to help me understand what leadership really is and how it could benefit my career. Here is what I found. Please take the time to read through the entire Case Study Solution if you are so inclined.

As an entrepreneurial leader at Nespresso, you have the opportunity to apply leadership principles throughout your entire company. You should take responsibility for yourself as an individual and your own performance as a manager.

There are many good examples on that site, and each of them illustrates the true power of leadership. Leadership is much more than just reading a Manual. At Nespresso, I believe that we needed to be leaders from the very beginning of our business and we will continue to lead because we were leaders.

If you are still struggling to make decisions about how you are going to handle your own company and the people within it, then you probably need to do a little bit more self-reflection about your own character and your own behavior. You need to ask yourself whether you are a self-starter, a team player, a team player who wants to help others, and a leader who has a vision. Many small businesses don’t get this part of leadership correctly.

If you have been a self-starter, a team player, and a team player who is always looking to help others, then you probably want to be a CEO of your own company. You might want to be able to lead your team and your own employees to do great things for themselves and for your business.

I was determined to become a leader at Nespresso. I’m glad that I did and that I apply leadership principles everywhere I go.

I’ve taken over the CEO title at Nespresso because I feel like I am the right person to do so. While I started Nespresso with my husband’s vision, I’ve led Nespresso successfully since my husband retired in January of 2020. I am personally responsible for Nespresso’s success, but I feel like I am working for the success of Nespresso because I am responsible for my success.

At Nespresso, my job is to help Nespresso’s employees, both current and past, succeed, to help their customers succeed, and to give them the tools they need to succeed. I am the one who makes the company work for everyone at Nespresso, not just for me.

If you would like to help Nespresso’s employees succeed and help Nespresso’s customers succeed, then you should consider becoming a CEO. You will likely enjoy a lower level of compensation than a COO, but the rewards are great. and the knowledge that you helped make Nespresso the most successful coffee shop in the world can never be taken away.

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