Prada is one of the largest international fashion firms that is about to enter the Hong Kong IPO market. This company is particularly interested in products such as watches, bags, sunglasses and shirts. It wants to stay current with the changing trends and tastes of the fashion conscious Chinese consumers, but Prada’s success in other markets means that it will be selling goods in several countries besides China.

A company insider is not going to offer an HBR Case Study Solution in a Hong Kong IPO presentation. The insider can just give a short analysis about Prada’s Hong Kong IPO. But in a case study the analyst will provide real-world information about the operations.

HBR Case Solutions makes use of Case Study Analysis. A Case Study Solution is a three-part report. There is a summary section where you give a short analysis. In the next two parts you will describe the case study itself.

Here are some features of case studies. First the most important feature is the title of the report, which is given in the introduction. Usually this title will tell you about the financial statements and quarterly results, where these reports can be obtained.

A Case Study Solution might also contain some small details about the case study. For example, it might contain some useful hints or tips. Then there is the material from the case study. This is a short description of what happened during the course of the case study.

Next there is the section for the case study. In here you can write about the case itself, as well as giving a few comments about it. For example, you can tell about the lessons learned from the case study. And finally, the conclusion.

In any case study you have to explain the brief explanation, in addition to giving useful suggestions for your readers. And because HBR Case Solutions is usually shorter, the introduction should be less than fifty words long. The material from the case study will therefore be limited to about two hundred words.

When designing a case study, you should make sure that it is a representative one. You should try to make it so that the case study will teach an expert level lesson.

A short introduction is the most important part of a case study. This introduction is the shortest part of the whole case study. This part gives you a clear overview of the case. In this brief introduction you should explain the main issues of the case study and you should try to give useful and important hints for your readers.

Another feature of an HBR Case Solution is that it should consist of short and simple paragraphs. Also try to use some text boxes to support your points. Of course there should be a relevant use of diagrams and pictures, but this is not necessary.

A good HBR Case Solution should contain the links to the news articles about the case. The final paragraph should contain the conclusion, which should outline the points you have made in the article.

The case study is always better if you give a brief summary, and a summary is always better than the rest of the case study. And the other sections of the case study can be filled with all the details.

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