If you’re thinking about investing in an investment property in India, the recent auction of a Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) may be of interest to you. That said, this story is of interest to HBR Case Solutions readers in general because of the valuable insight it offers about the importance of identifying an analyst who has the appropriate credentials to perform the work required.

The Italian investor was born in Calabria, in northern Italy, and has since been known as one of the world’s most famous wine makers. He is best known for making wines from his “Antonina Vineyard” in Abruzzo. Although he owns various vineyards, he is most famous for his many award-winning wines. As a result, Napoli, a former wine dealer at the famed Savoy Wine Merchant in New York, now lives in India, near the British Virgin Islands.

On October 4, 2020, a billionaire, high net worth individual, Dr. Bharat Bhandar, purchased a piece of the estate, along with its vineyards. After much deliberation, the Napoli family decided to sell the property for approximately one billion dollars. The valuation of the estate alone is somewhat staggering.

The property in question, along with other Napoli properties, are part of a growing urban renewal project which includes a number of mansions and historic buildings, including a state-of-the-art office building and modern day condominium complex. The planned developments include a few upscale hotels, and a shopping center.

Prior to the sale, Schindler and other international law firm partners interviewed the Napoli family about various opportunities. Among their recommendations to the Napoli family, one of the suggestions was that they look into the possibility of selling the property, because the property is located close to a planned development, which would bring in substantial revenue for the Napoli Estate.

When the Napoli family agreed to take on the cell, the planning team from Schindler and the international law firm were able to offer professional advice, as well as expertise in the negotiation process. Dr. Bhandar was one of the many individuals approached, and he was impressed with the company’s willingness to invest in the Schindler project.

As the team of experienced lawyers focused on the sale of the estate, HBR Case Solutions provided the legal background and the ability to provide thorough Case Study Solution services. To help the team with the sale of the estate, Case Study Solution helped provide an expert HBR Case Solutions consultant.

Schindler and Case Study Solution are two of several firms that provide Case Study Solution services. Case Study Solution provides what is referred to as Case Study Solution Consulting services. These services range from help with the legal documentation and background check process to the execution of the sale process, based on the Sale of EU Property (SEP) Directive.

The Case Study Solution strategy and services provider are staffed by professional Case Study Solution consultants who use their considerable experience and training to assist clients in the sale process. The consultants have spent years in the Sale of EU Property field, and the Schindler sale is just one of the case studies completed by the Case Study Solution consultants. In addition to the Napoli sale, Case Study Solution has worked with other major real estate and property sales.

Schindler International partnered with Case Study Solution in order to ensure that there was the most comprehensive Case Study Solution consulting services available for the sale of the Napoli estate. Case Study Solution’s expertise was used to help ensure that the sale process was executed in an efficient manner. and that the most successful outcome could be achieved for the client.

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