There are a number of Southwest Airlines (A) airline reviews on the Internet, but there are two broad categories. In one of the categories, Southwest is often described as having high prices, low quality seats, low service and generally poor customer service. In the other category, Southwest is praised for its impeccable customer service, a top notch staff and excellent overall customer service and satisfaction. On a personal note, I find both descriptions to be true, although, if one of those descriptions were true, I wouldn’t be in business.

Customer service is one thing that most successful businesses strive for but few achieve. That’s not to say that Southwest does not have excellent customer service; that would be an extreme understatement.

HBR Case Solutions, the book and the website that provide the information needed to accomplish HBR Case Solutions training, provides excellent customer service information. On the other hand, it also provides more than 300 different case studies on various airlines and their employees. It would seem that if this were a trainable service, HBR Case Solutions would have already taken care of it.

Fortunately, HBR Case Solutions is a computer based training service and, since the training is designed to be web based, Southwest has built its own efforts into the product itself. A very reasonable price for this service was negotiated, and Southwest passengers are enjoying it.

The best of the cases in the HBR Case Solutions are customer satisfaction cases. This indicates that the customers of Southwest Airlines (A) were satisfied with the quality of their seats, and with the customer service provided by their airline. All these cases are available online. Their cases are listed alphabetically by airline, and then by the name of the airline in which the customer flew, followed by the name of the airline.

The customer satisfaction reports are available on the HBR Case Solutions website. But, they also provide information about the Southwest Airlines (A) cases. The information provided includes the name of the customer who filled out the case, the case number, the reasons why the customer was dissatisfied, the name of the airline the customer flew on, and any other contact information that are available.

The reports can be printed out to read and take back to the airline. The customer can even give a copy to their neighbor or anyone they think would be interested in this information. This would be a great way to spread the word about the situation concerning the service being provided by Southwest Airlines (A).

When a customer finds out that their seat was an inconvenience and the customer care was not the best, and that they were treated unfairly, they are going to be extremely motivated to let the company know about it. This is good for Southwest Airlines (A), because this is the kind of customer satisfaction that drives repeat business, and leads to repeat business.

Customer satisfaction is very important to the customer service. This is because the customer usually decides where to fly based on the information provided in the report. When the customer was dissatisfied with their services, the next time they decide to travel, they will be choosing a different airline.

They didn’t just fly the airline they were used to. They looked at the service offered by the different airlines and chose Southwest Airlines (A) for the very best possible customer service.

Many times, when a customer knows they are not going to be happy with the customer service provided by a company, they will avoid that company for their next travel. This is the perfect example of how far Southwest Airlines (A) has come in customer service.

Customer satisfaction is a hot topic in many industries. So, it will be a wise move for Southwest Airlines (A) to add this service to its training kits for pilots and flight attendants.

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