Here is an HBR Case Study Solution to the Manager’s real problem: Managing Employee Retention. This case study was written for Store24 (A), a popular online retailing business.

The manager of a major retail chain (Store24 (A)) works to improve employee retention by communicating with and listening to their team. The manager is aware that when employees walk through the doors they should be excited about what they will be working on – the atmosphere they are creating.

When the manager is doing his job correctly – the store is running well, the morale among the employees is high, and as a result, the store becomes more profitable and increases the manager’s sales commission. The manager and his team understand the necessity of communication – when an employee is excited about what he or she is doing in the store, customers feel it.

The manager understands that although employees may be excited, the customers must feel that excitement. When the manager is doing his job correctly, he communicates to his team how each individual is performing.

Good communication between manager and team members has been shown to encourage good performance among employees, but it also has proven to increase the number of people who walk through the doors. It is the same reason that the manager is reluctant to cut down on his sales crew.

So what is the solution to the management of employee retention? Well, the manager must understand that when an employee is not interested in walking through the doors and wants to do something else, he or she is a bad example.

HBR Case Solutions helps managers to be effective communicators. Each time a manager asks for data to know how one of his employees is performing, he or she should be told how their employee performed during the past six months.

A manager can check their employee performance through HBR Case Solutions or through a simple Google search. The manager should then be told exactly how his or her employee performed during the last six months – not just how he or she looked on paper.

With this information, the manager can then make the appropriate staffing decisions for the sales department. The manager can also ask the sales department how their employees are performing.

HBR Case Solutions can also help the manager to understand why his or her employees are looking for another job and what to do about this. They can tell the manager what the staff feels the manager is doing that is keeping them from making progress.

These solutions provide the manager with all the tools he needs to be a successful manager in managing employee retention. The manager will be able to do the two-way communication that is needed to effectively communicate with and motivate his or her team.

HBR Case Solutions help a manager be effective in all aspects of the store and help the manager to be effective in achieving high sales commission results. For more information visit the website listed below.

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