Amgen Italy had many changes occurring in their company culture since the HR Case Study Solution they were using was considered ineffective by many employees. The Company took this as a challenge and decided to make some big changes and will show what these changes can do for their employees. They will show how they did it and how others should look at their problems and challenges.

A Case Study Analysis was given to the staff of Amgen Italy to help identify problems and improve their culture. It turned out to be very successful and employee productivity has improved greatly.

This was done by asking employees questions and using a questionnaire in order to collect data about their perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. The Case Study Analysis was also done to see what the employees’ behavior, thinking and beliefs were about the company and the HR Case Solution, which was then used as a guide.

After receiving this questionnaire, some aspects were analyzed so that people could see what problems there were with the Case Study Solution. This was very successful and employees started to feel confident about what was going on. The attitude of the employees has changed drastically since then.

A new case strategy was chosen and the workers of Amgen Italy were asked to use the Case Study analysis in order to improve their own culture. This is an important step in changing any cultural aspect of a company or organization. In Amgen Italy’s case, the employees, who were asked to use the Case Study Analysis were given examples on how they could go about using it themselves.

According to HBR Case Solutions, “This case study helps you map your company’s strengths and weaknesses and assess how well your employees believe in their value to the company. It is often very useful in encouraging employees to think differently about theirskills and perspectives.”

An example is “When the company launched a new program in its laboratories, employees were asked to share their responses to the campaign. Two representative results were given and the employees discussed their perceptions and thinking behind the campaigns. Another version of the same campaign was introduced after six months and the company found that employees were consistently more enthusiastic about this new approach, even if they never thought they would be so positive about the change.”

“Transforming Company Culture at Amgen Italy” was also brought up as a possible product for the employees in their case study. Since the employees realized how effective this Case Study Solution was, they began to explore other similar cases that they could use to improve their own culture.

There are many other Case Studies available, one of which is the one that was used by Amgen Italy. However, it was considered very successful because of the employees’ positive response to it. These people were given the case study and allowed to use it themselves so that they could understand its details better.

Another case was also given to the employees and they were allowed to use it, but only a short period of time because another one was coming out soon. This is not a standard thing that most companies do but it gives the employees the opportunity to have more control over the culture of the company by giving them an example from one of the most renowned companies in the world.

Finally, the employees found that some of the problems and issues with the company culture that they have been facing, were solved through the use of the Case Study Solution. The Case Study Analysis helped them see how they can work on improving their own culture and helping the company grow.

So the real reason to use aCase Study Solution is to gain insight into what people think about a certain situation and what they do. When used properly, it can be very powerful and have a lot of advantages for you.

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